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Mental Health problems are common, with 1 in 5 Australians facing mental health challenges each year which significantly impact their lives and those around them.

Early intervention and support can reduce long-term impacts and foster recovery. That's where Mental Health First Aid fits in.

Be the support they need, become a Mental Health First Aider today.

Learn Practical First Aid Skills For Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid empowers you to provide crucial initial support for mental health problems until professional help is available or the crisis subsides.

Grounded in expert guidelines from those with lived experience and mental health professionals, Mental Health First Aid equips you to be the bridge to support and recovery.

Take the step to really make a difference.

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Mental Health First Aid Training Benefits

001 Creative Brain


Improves knowledge of mental illnesses, treatments and first aid actions.

044 Secure


Increases confidence in providing first aid.

045 Stress Management


Decreases stigmatising attitudes.

013 Mental Health


Increases the support provided to others.

Step Up for Mental Health: Become a First Aider for Your Community!

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