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Ensuring workplace safety is crucial for any organisation, and providing employee training is key. In dynamic work environments, accidents and medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Equipping employees with first aid skills and knowledge can significantly reduce injury severity and save lives.

First aid training empowers employees to respond effectively in crises, fostering a culture of preparedness and care. Mental health issues are common in the workplace, so training employees to recognise and address these problems creates a safer, more supportive environment.

We offer comprehensive training for both First Aid and Mental Health First Aid.

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Workplace training in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid.

Tailored training for your workplace.

Unlock the potential of your team with our customised workplace training programs. Whether you're looking for onsite or online training, we provide flexible options to fit your schedule and location.

We provide:

  • Customised Courses: Tailored specifically for your workplace requirements.
  • Flexible Delivery: Choose between onsite or online training.
  • Nationwide Availability: We offer training services across the country.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your training needs and help your team thrive!

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Why Choose

Remedy First Aid Training?

With Remedy First Aid Training, you’re not just choosing a training provider; you’re selecting a team of ex-first responders dedicated to making a difference.

When you learn with Remedy First Aid Training, you're not just learning from a manual – you're benefitting from the firsthand experiences of professionals who have been on the front lines.

Experience the Remedy difference – where knowledge meets practicality, and learning is not just informative but transformative! Safety is our priority, ensuring you're prepared, empowered, and confident in any emergency.

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We offer flexible training options, including on-site, public courses, and online virtual classrooms.

Our hands-on training involves practical scenarios for real-world application, boosting confidence.

Learning is made interactive, enjoyable, and easy for better retention and empowerment.

Tailored programs meet the unique needs of your industry, ensuring relevance to your workplace environment.

Exceptional customer reviews reflect the engaging and enjoyable nature of our sessions.

Our track record of satisfied clients underscores our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Unsure about workplace first aid requirements?

Let us guide you through it!