What is it?

Thunderstorm asthma events are believed to be triggered by the combination of high grass pollen levels and a certain type of thunderstorm.  This combination causes pollen grains from grasses to be swept up in the wind and carried long distances.  Some of these burst open and release tiny particles that are concentrated in the wind just before the thunderstorm. These small particles can be breathed into the airways and can trigger asthma symptoms.

Who is at risk?


  • People with asthma or a history of asthma,
  • People with hayfever
  • People with rye grass allergies

How can I be protect myself from thunderstorm asthma?


  • Monitor the thunderstorm asthma alerts via the Vic Emergency app.  These alerts are posted daily between 1st of October and 31st of December (during the grass pollen season)
  • Take your asthma preventative medication even when you are well and symptom free
  • Make an appointment with your doctor if your asthma is not controlled to develop a plan
  • Carry your asthma reliever medication and know how to manage an asthma attack (Follow your asthma action plan or use asthma first aid)
  • Take your hayfever medication such as antihistamine and/or steroid nasal sprays
  • Stay indoors during thunderstorms, particularly the wind that precedes them as this is when the pollens are most prevalent


Thunderstorm Asthma