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Online Mental Health First Aid for Workplace

Date: July 16

Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Cost: $330

Training category: Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid for Workplaces

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This training equips adults in workplaces with the skills and confidence to identify and respond to mental health challenges or crises among colleagues, ensuring they can offer effective support until professional help is available or the situation resolves.

Grounded in research and guided by the voice of lived experience, this course provides high-quality, safe and proven mental health first aid literacy and skills training to strengthen the support provided to colleagues in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid for Workplaces

This course trains learners to become Mental First Aid Officers, helping and supporting co-workers with mental health issues.

Each year, 1 in 5 Australians experience a mental illness, impacting workplace productivity and employee well-being. With Australians spending a third of their lives at work, the workplace is ideal for early mental health intervention. Learning to discuss mental health and confidently assist colleagues are essential skills.

Workplace Mental Health First Aid teaches adults to identify and respond to mental health challenges or crises, providing support to colleagues until professional help is available.


- Increase staff engagement and well-being
- Boost performance and productivity
- Attract and retain employees

A mentally healthy workplace enhances employee well-being, productivity, and business success by fostering a resilient and healthier workforce.







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Meet Your Trainer

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Hayley has a Nursing and Education background with over 21 years’ experience in various acute and community settings, and is passionate about health and wellness. She is a mum, and lives an active lifestyle by the beach.

Hayley loves empowering others with skills and knowledge, which help save lives and make a difference. Hayley’s professionalism and dedication to quality training ensures you leave feeling confident to apply your new skills.

Hayley is passionate about mental health awareness and advocates for a world where everyone receives the support they need. Hayley is recognised as a Master Instructor in Mental Health First Aid.

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