Festive First Aid Tips:

While Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, accidents can still happen. It’s always best to be prepared with first aid knowledge, skills and a stocked first aid kit!

Here are 10 first aid tips to get your through the holiday season:

1. Cuts and Scrapes: Apply direct pressure to stop any bleeding, cleanse the wound area with saline or clean water, and cover with non-stick dressing. Monitor for signs of infection and seek medical attention as required.

2. Minor Burns: Run under cool water for 20 mins, cover with a non-stick dressing.

3. Choking: If they can cough, encourage coughing. If they cannot cough, call ambulance immediately! Commence 5 x back blows followed by 5 x chest thrusts. Continue alternating back blows and chest thrusts until the object is dislodged. Start CPR if the casualty becomes unresponsive.

4. Allergies: Be aware of common allergies and if you are hosting guests with food allergy. Have antihistamines and an auto-injector on hand if known allergies exist. Always follow individual allergy action plan if available. If anaphylaxis symptoms, give autoinjector and call ambulance.

5. Food Poisoning: Always ensure correct food handling and storage procedures to prevent food spoiling. If affected, stay hydrated, rest, and seek medical help if symptoms persist.

6. Alcohol Intoxication: Prevent by monitoring alcohol intake and sticking to recommended limits. Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks and increase water intake. Monitor their safety, do not allow them to drive, or operate any machinery or participate in any activities on or near water. If severe intoxication occurs (unconsciousness, vomiting, irregular breathing) call for medical help.

7. Slips and Falls: Prevention is always better than cure. Clear walkways of any objects which present a hazard to prevent slips and falls. If someone falls and has severe pain or is unable to move a limb, keep them still and call for ambulance.

8. Hyperthermia: Seek shade, stay hydrated, wear light clothing to help prevent heat illness. Move casualty out of the heat if possible, give sips of fluid, remove excess clothing to cool the body down. Fan or apply cool packs. If severe symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

9. Heartburn: Provide an antacid, sit upright after eating.

10. Stress and Anxiety: The holiday season can be stressful. Be mindful of mental health. If someone is overwhelmed encourage them to take a break, talk about their feelings, and seek profession help if needed.

Is it an emergency? Always call Triple 000 for emergency medical assistance.

These tips aren’t substitutes for professional advice. Regular first aid training ensures up-to-date knowledge and better outcomes. Book your training with us so you are prepared, empowered and equipped to handle all that comes your way this festive season and beyond!

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