Empower your educators to act confidently in an emergency

Ensuring student safety is a top priority for schools, and first aid training for staff is crucial in achieving this goal.

In a busy school environment, accidents and medical emergencies can happen suddenly. Training educators to respond promptly and effectively minimises injuries and ensures timely medical assistance.

First aid training empowers educators to act confidently during emergencies, fostering a safe learning environment. It also promotes a culture of preparedness and vigilance, helping prevent accidents and mitigate risks.


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Safe, Prepared, Compliant.

Tailored Training for your School

We provide flexible training options to fit your schools schedule and location.

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Mental Health First Aid in Schools

Prioritising mental health in schools fosters a compassionate community where students, parents, carers, and staff can thrive.

Mental Health First Aid is a practical skills-based program which empowers individuals to recognise and respond to mental health challenges, contributing to a supportive school environment.

Mental Health First Aid programs are backed by research and guided by lived experiences, offering high-quality mental health literacy and skills training.

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Embracing a Whole School Approach to Mental Health

Understanding how to discuss mental health and confidently assist others are essential skills for everyone in the school community.

Mental Health First Aid training equips the entire school community with vital skills to address and support mental health challenges, recognising that both students and educators need this support.

Take action now to create a supportive and resilient school environment. Enroll your school in Mental Health First Aid training today!


Mental Health Courses for Schools

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Standard Mental Health First Aid

Delivery: Blended Face-to-Face, Face to Face, Online
Duration: 12 hours
Teen Mental Health First Aid Remedy

Teen Mental Health First Aid

Delivery: Face to Face
Duration: Year 7-9 Program: 3 x 60 minutes sessions. Year 10-12 Program: 3 x 75 minutes sessions.
Youth Mental Health Remedy

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Delivery: Blended Face-to-Face, Face to Face, Online
Duration: 14 hours.
Mental Health Refresher Remedy

Youth Mental Health First Aid Refresher

Delivery: Face to Face, Online
Duration: 1 x 4-hour session

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Why Choose

Remedy First Aid Training?

At Remedy First Aid Training, we are dedicated to promoting health, safety and preparedness, firmly believing that everyone should possess fundamental First Aid skills, as you never know when you may need these life-saving abilities.

Our mission is to equip individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to save lives and make a meaningful impact. We achieve this through high-quality training courses in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid.

Whether it’s on-site training at your workplace in Melbourne or public courses in Bayside Mordialloc, we’re here to meet your needs.

Childcare Locations

We partner with you to ensure compliance with First Aid requirements, enhancing safety for all.

Our selection of life-saving defibrillators and First Aid kits is tailored to your specific needs, prioritising the well-being of everyone.

First Aid Equipment

Remedy First Aid Training provides dependable first aid kits, defibrillators and equipment, ensuring that your school has the necessary products to fulfill your requirements and keep everyone safe.

Defibrillators save lives during a sudden cardiac arrest event